The Amazing Lymphatic System

Ever feel sluggish or even bloated? Recently, I had the opportunity to have a manual lymphatic massage and now, I believe that most people could benefit from amazing light yet beneficial massage.

Being transparent, as a therapist, I did not see the value of this massage in the beginning. We are taught to work the muscle, release the tension and use moderate to deep pressure. When employing a lymphatic massage, it is slow, rhythmic and a light touch. Many of my clients come into the office with the preconceived notion that pressure is the hallmark of a good massage. So, why would someone willingly come in and pay for someone to work their lymphatic system?

First, your lymphatic system is the key to your immune system. As the lymphatic systems collect fluids, proteins, virus, and even bacteria from the tissues of the body, it dumps this lymph into the lymphatic ducts (Filtering stations) that identify and inform the brain of what it has found. It even has a form of a memory in the way that it can identify previous invading pathogens and send out the correct immune cells to fight them. Even though lymph nodes can be found around organs deep in the abdominal cavity and through out the body, the lymphatic vessels are primarily found in the skin itself! That is why you must use a light touch!

Secondly, when lymph fluid is not removed effective due to a sluggish lymphatic system, we can get puffy, feel bloated and drained of energy. Age, activity level and diet can effect this extremely important system. Movement is acts like a pump for the lymphatic system and as a society, we simply do not move enough.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can improve your immune system, boost your energy levels, and reduce fatigue. This superficial pressure massage technique moves the fluid lymph twenty times faster than it can move on its own. Be prepared to come in for three (60 min) visits to receive a full lymphatic drainage session. Currently, our office is running a special which saves your 25% (That is a $50 total savings) on three lymphatic massages. Just check out the booking page for specials!

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