Introducing Lypo-Sauna

Surgery is hard on the body. All surgeries produce some extent of swelling because it is part of the body’s normal healing process. Certain cosmetic surgeries, such as liposuction, are especially hard on the body.

Thankfully, our body has a very special system called the lymphatic system that acts as our body’s built-in sanitation center, It is the plumbing that filters and rids us of waste products from every living cell, tissue and organ. It absorbs fat and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive tract. Most of all, it exists as an essential part of our immune system, maintaining fluid homeostasis, fighting infection and manufacturing disease-fighting white blood cells.

Surgery disrupts this homeostasis. Lymph accumulates into surrounding tissues, disrupting the normal lymphatic pathways. This can result in swelling and can lead to fibrosis.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is one method of treating this problem. MLD is a light, rhythmic manual massage, which utilizes repetitive and continuous hand movements. It helps the body move lymph fluid from your skin to your liver and kidneys, where it is then processed, and the toxins are expelled.

MLD provides a myriad of benefits for clients, particularly those who have undergone cosmetic surgery. It has been proven to reduce swelling, relieve pain, minimize scarring and reduce fibrosis and detoxifying.

Recently, our therapist conducted a little research of her own by combining the healing effects of the infra-Red Sauna with MLD and she could not be more pleased. The clients in this test were noticeably less fibrotic and decreased in fluid retention quicker.

Each session consists of 30 minutes in the infra-red sauna and 30 minutes of MLD.

Book your next appointment with MassageNetics and not only see the difference but feel the different.

* The Sauna is not for everyone. Please consult with the therapist before your appointment.

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